Photography by Nadeesha Cabral

The tuk tuk

A tuk tuk in Sri Lanka stopped on the side of the road as the driver snoozes in the morning after hard nights work.

Stuck in a moment

A street vendor in Colombo, Sri Lanka stops in his tracks to look at the cloudless sunset.

An old man and his cart

I captured this by Marine Drive, Colombo, Sri Lanka. This man cleans the streets everyday with his cart, being employed by the Colombo Municipality to do so.

Traversing Siem Reap

The Crossing

Bikes of Saigon

I was being driven through Saigon in the evening traffic and in this moment, I went through an intersection with all the bikes riding beside me lined up perfectly against the lamps of the bikes stopping at the intersection, and casting shadows.

Mt. Etna over Catania

Mt. Etna fuming over Catania on a quiet night.

Lit Up

Annual Vesak Celebrations in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The city gets lit up with lanterns and lights for a week in observing the Buddhists' most sacred religious observance.

The Pier

It was midday and everything was washed out. The people on the Pier couldn't be exposed properly without losing the waves. But I wanted to make it work because I like the composition. So, a Hail Mary was thrown in post to get to this point.

The Collector

This old man is one of the neighbourhood street cleaners in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He sweeps the streets, pushing his cart around. He usually makes his rounds every morning, with a cigarette in hand.

The Delivery

A guy in Colombo, Sri Lanka delivering a cooking gas cylinder on a bicycle.


Sunset over Catania engulfing the city.


These guys come down to the beach when the sun sets, sit by the side of the train tracks, smoke a cigarette, and go on talking about their day, or politics, or something else I wonder. Captured in Colombo, Sri Lanka.