Photography by Nadeesha Cabral


A Monk and his Dog

This buddhist monk who resides in a temple in Colombo, walks his dog everyday in the morning by the beach, however busy he is.


Lily, my dog.

The Rowing

Floating on the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

The Floating Life

A family of three living on a boat, at the heart of the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam. Mother is cleaning the catch of the day, father looks on as the son rocks on a hammock inside. Boat has a room, a kitchen and most of the amenities they need.

A Trek on a Crater

Captured this on top of the Silvestri Crater, Mt. Etna, Sicily. I waited till the wind got strong enough to force everyone else to clear the crater till only one trekker remained on it.

The Adopted

This is Lily. We adopted her a few months back from a shelter. She had been on the street for sometime. But now, she claims the purple bean bag all to herself.

Lost in Music

A street musician playing his accordion on a sunny morning in Syracuse, Sicily.

Going home

A group of fishermen returning home on a backdrop of the setting sun.

Reflections of a Dog

Stuck in a moment

A street vendor in Colombo, Sri Lanka stops in his tracks to look at the cloudless sunset.

An old man and his cart

I captured this by Marine Drive, Colombo, Sri Lanka. This man cleans the streets everyday with his cart, being employed by the Colombo Municipality to do so.

The tuk tuk

A tuk tuk in Sri Lanka stopped on the side of the road as the driver snoozes in the morning after hard nights work.


Where have all the flowers gone...

little girl that lives near the Kulen Mountain National Park in Cambodia walks around the forest. Though she should be in school/pre-school, she follows her mother that sells souvenirs to tourists, every morning. Illiteracy runs high in the country, and young girls, especially in rural areas like this are discouraged from attending school, so they could help with family work and be married off. This moment of innocence, precedes the harder walk she has ahead.

The Crossing

Bikes of Saigon

I was being driven through Saigon in the evening traffic and in this moment, I went through an intersection with all the bikes riding beside me lined up perfectly against the lamps of the bikes stopping at the intersection, and casting shadows.


A band of street musicians performing in a Taormina, Sicily. The title comes from the song they were performing at the time (Gipsy Kings), which is etched into my mind.

Let the world move on...

A street musician with his accordion in Catania, Sicily. He plays his music while the world moves on around him.

The Mechanic

A mechanic in Panchikawatte, Sri Lanka sharing his story with my friend who was next to me at the time. He talks of how he had been doing this job since he was 12 years old. Things are not going well for him many decades later either. To me, at this instant, his face surmises how he would have felt.

Making a run for it.

My dog Lily, giving that "Catch me if you can" look while making a run for it.

Before the day ends

I found this kid by the beach, on the rocks. The high tide in the early evening brings the fish near the rocks. Captured in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


sonder - (n). the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.


A farmer walks over islands in his paddy fields in the morning mist, in the aftermath of the torrential rains that partly destroyed his crop.