Photography by Nadeesha Cabral

The Road Block

A group of elephants blocking the road while we were on a safari in Wasgamuwa Reserve, Sri Lanka. It was a rainy day so elephants had come to the dirt roads to get some dirt to cover themselves. They were somewhat hostile and stood their ground for a while. The leader of the pack is seen taunting with her feet.

The Morning Ant

The Peacock

Peacock sitting on a dead tree. Captured in Wasgamuwa National Park, Sri Lanka.

The Bathing

A common garden lizard patiently waiting in the morning sun to warm up it's blood before the hunt.

The Peacock

Saw this magnificent creature drying itself off sitting on a tree after a heavy shower.

The Charging Elephant

An elephant charges towards the safari vehicle while the driver calmly videos the whole thing.

The Oblivious Snail

We are all oblivious snails too meagre to comprehend the magnitude of things that lie yonder.

Three makes a family

A family of monkeys still visibly soaked from a heavy shower. Doesn't stop the kid from being a kid though.

The Lone Peacock

A peacock sitting on a tree in the morning waiting for it's first meal of the day.


A faint ray of late autumn sun hits a tree in the middle of a lake.